Ford Ranger Stealth Winch Install

Ford Ranger Runva Winch Installation Wiring

At Connector-Tech ALS we specialise in harsh environment connector solutions for 4WD applications. A customer recently brought their Ford Ranger to our sales centre where we added the finishing touches to a stealth Runva Winches winch install using a Front Runner winch plate.

Ford Ranger Engine Back

We used cable toughening, boots, heat shrink and Anderson connectors to complete a tidy setup that hides behind the number plate.

Runva Winch Isolator Switch
PMA nylon braid was used to protect the cabling running from the battery to the isolator switch mounted to the radiator support. This switch was included with the Runva Winch kit.

For Ranger Intercooler

The braid continues down to the stealth winch location in front of the intercooler on the Ford Ranger. The polyamide material offers high temperature stability which is critical in close proximity to a heat exchanger.

Ford Ranger Runva Winch Stealth Hidden

The finished winch install is completely hidden behind the number plate when it is in place. A flip up number plate holder will be the next addition.

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Heavy Duty Rectangular Multi-Pole Connectors

Connector-Tech ALS is able to supply a range of heavy duty rectangular multi-pole connectors popular in applications such as trains, cranes, factory equipment etc. The thick aluminium housings are built to withstand a high degree of physical abuse.

The coupling mechanism is a quick release latching system incorporating one or 2 levers. Screw, crimp or spring termination inserts are available in a variety of pin counts and current ratings. These connectors are made to an international standard and the products from various manufacturers are all compatible.

We sell high quality cost effective versions from ILME in Italy and also we can import very low cost, good quality versions from China in a minimum of 100 per part as required.

Beware of Counterfeit Anderson Power Connectors

It has been brought to our attention that there are some counterfeit Anderson Power Products connectors on the market and we would like to warn buyers about the situation. These counterfeit versions are marked Anderson Power but are not manufactured or endorsed by Anderson at all.

Quality and safety are obviously the main concerns for customers. You can be assured that all connectors purchased from Connector-Tech ALS that carry the Anderson Power Products label are indeed genuine.

All of our single pole (Powerpole) housings and contacts are genuine Anderson. All of our grey 2 pole SB housings are genuine Anderson and all of our contacts for the 2 pole SB series are genuine Anderson. We tend to stock the non-grey coloured SB/SY housings in SMH brand as they are lower cost, but equal quality to Anderson and in fact are made by Anderson in their factory with the same materials.

These are clearly labelled "SMH" and we can order in Anderson branded versions if needed. Connector-Tech ALS has very good stocks of genuine Anderson SB and Powerpole connectors at extremely competitive prices. We keep all sizes for both the housings and contacts, including different wire sizes for the same current rated contacts.

Anderson Connectors in a $2.8M hypercar?

The well-known repository of all-things aesthetically pleasing in the automotive world Speedhunters, posted an article on the most recent in long line of 'final versions' of the Pagani Zonda: the Revolucion. You can view the original piece here.

Amongst the typically stunning images from and we noticed something in an interior shot of the USD2.8 million hypercar that immediately grabbed our attention: a $3 Anderson connector.

The image above is cropped from the original by to highlight the Anderson SB50 connector. Here the connector is used to quickly attach a trickle charger to the car's battery without the need for the rear cowl to be removed. You can also see a pair of Souriau Motorsport connectors sharing the bespoke aluminium mounting plate.

Even on a money-is-no-object build, the simplicity and reliability of Anderson's ubiquitous connectors make them the best solution for two-pole automotive battery connections.

More information on the Anderson Power Products range of single-pole and multi-pole connectors is available here.