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Established in 1973, Connector-Tech ALS Pty Ltd was originally called Colourview Electronics and initially we supplied a wide range of electronic components. The harsh environment connector side of our business grew very strongly over the years and in 1990 we started to introduce the new name to reflect this specialization. We then phased out most of our general electronic components range and became fully focused on Military and commercial harsh environment connectors, backshells, accessories and custom cable harnesses. Connector-Tech ALS Pty Ltd is now our only official name. ALS stand for Air, Land and Sea which are 3 areas in which our harsh environment products excel.

Our Business Today

Connector-Tech ALS has become Australia's leading supplier of Military and commercial harsh environment connectors, backshells, accessories and custom cable harnesses. We can provide prompt delivery throughout Australia of a broad range of products from stock as well as an extended selection from overseas on request. Our range is made up of quality products from numerous manufacturers such as ITT Cannon, ITT Veam, Amphenol, Glenair, Deutsch, Phase 3, Marechal, Mennekes, Tuchel, Tajimi, Aero, Sureseal, Daniels / DMC, ADI, Conesys, Yeonhab, Raychem, HellermannTyton, J-Tech, ILME, Socapex, HCC Industries, Hermetic Seal Corp, Sealtron, Ametek SCP & Glasseal Products.

Our Difference

Many customers remark about how refreshing it is to deal with Connector-Tech ALS because of our highly personal, professional and rapid response to our customers needs. We excel at working closely with customers on all levels to provide optimal solutions for their specific projects. Our product range really is very large and comprehensive. We have an excellent selection of popular harsh environment connectors and associated products that we stock here in Australia as well as an enormous extended range available from our numerous sources overseas. The expert technical knowledge of our sales staff is an extremely valuable resource for customers in view of the highly technical nature of the specialized products that we provide . They have many years of experience in providing harsh environment connector solutions and are always keen to offer you their help.

We are committed to delivering a level of service that exceeds our customer expectations. These traits result in a company culture that encourages long term partnerships built on trust and performance, characteristics that are mutually beneficial in maximizing effectiveness and efficiency.

Special Services

  • Scheduled deliveries
  • On demand orders, whereby we hold buffer stock for you in our store then only ship and invoice goods as you need them
  • Consolidated shipments
  • Kitting
  • Completed cable assemblies for certain applications