Fibre Optic Connector Solutions

Connector-Tech ALS is able to provide various high specification fibre-optic harsh-environment connector solutions from a number of manufacturers such as Amphenol, Glenair and Tajimi. In addition we also offer lower cost quality solutions such as standard D38999 connector shells combined with lower cost fibre optic termini from other reputable manufacturers.

Why Fibre-Optic?

1. EMI Immunity
Fibre-optic solutions are often used in applications where electromagnetic immunity is essential. Because the signal is transmitted in the form of light it is unaffected by electromagnetic interference or RF interference.

2. Sparck/arc Immunity
Optical fibres are totally electrically isolated. If the cable itself is compromised it presents no risk of spark or arcing in vapour or gas environments due to the optical signal transmission.

3. Reduced Size and Weight
Optical fibre is comparatively small in both size and weight. This is obviously advantageous in any application where mass reduction is a focus - e.g. avionics or in-flight entertainment. The reduced cable diameter means any clearances or routing paths designed to accommodate copper will easily accept fibre-optic cable. This also makes optical fibre ideal for critical applications where a back-up system is required.

4. Enhanced Security
Unlike electrical signals, light pulses are incredibly difficult to monitor or intercept making fibre-optic systems an asset in military, security and even financial applications.

5. Transmission
The carrying capacity of optical fibre is up to two orders of magnitude greater than conventional copper cable. The transmission distance this allows is one reason optical media is favoured for the long cable runs in large navy craft and ground-based shelter applications.

Our Optical-Fibre Interconnects


Manufacturer: Amphenol

  • Amphenol CF38999 Multi-Channel
  • Amphenol MIL-DTL-38999
  • TFOCA-II (see Military ground systems catalogue below)
  • MIL-PRF-28876
  • One-piece FC
  • Small Form Factor (SFF)
  • SC Duplex
  • ST Compatible
  • ST Compatible (stainless-steel ferrule)
  • ST II Compatible

Amphenol D38999-Based Fibre-Optic Catalogue (1.7Mb)
Amphenol Fibre-Optic for Military Ground Systems (3.1Mb)
Amphenol Fibre Systems International Series Overview (2.8Mb)
Amphenol Harsh Environment Fibre-Optic Connector Selection Guide (2.3Mb)
Amphenol M28876 Fibre-Optic Connector Catalogue (1.2Mb)


Manufacturer: Glenair

  • MIL-DTL-38999 connectors
  • MIL-PERF-29504 termini
  • Eye-Beam Expanded Beam
  • MIL-PRF-28876 connectors
  • GFOCA M83526 Compliant
  • Glenair High Density (GHD)
  • Gleanir Front Release (GFR)
  • Series 80 Mighty Mouse
  • Copper-to-fibre media converters

Glenair Fibre-Optic Complete Catalogue (18.4Mb)
Glenair Fibre-Optic Termini for MIL-DTL-38999 (0.4Mb)
Glenair Fibre-Optic Termini Complete Catalogue (1.5Mb)
Glenair Fibre-Optic Polishing Pucks (0.2Mb)
Glenair Fibre-Optic Cable (5.7Mb)


Manufacturer: Tajimi

  • Push-pull, one-touch lock system
  • From 2 optical/4 electric pins to 6 optical pins
  • IP67 rated
  • OPC Series
  • OPS Series
  • SC-Type
  • FC-Type
  • Cable Assemblies

Tajimi Catalogue (0.7Mb)

Low cost D38999 fibre solutions from Deutsch Military, Aero and Souriau

The recently developed MIL-DTL-38999 series of connectors has fibre-optic contacts as a standard part of the specification. You can insert various fibre-optic contacts made to the MIL-PRF-29504 specification into any #16 or #20 cavities that normally accept copper contacts and even have a mixture of copper and fibre-optic contacts in the one connector.

While Amphenol, Glenair and Tajimi are indeed at the cutting edge of fibre-optic technology, producing higher tolerance fibre-optic housings and termini, unit cost and lead time have seen many customers opt for standard MIL-DTL-D38999 connector housings from Aero, Deutsch Military, Souriau and other manufacturers with our lower cost versions of MIL-PRF-29504 optical contacts in these housings.

Please contact us for more information on Fibre-Optic Connectors.

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