High-Current, Three Phase Connectors

Three phase power connections are often subjected to the punishing conditions in field and heavy industrial applications. Three-phase connections may be required in emergency or backup situations to restore power to major infrastructure or in temporary installations where the commercial success of a project is totally reliant on the integrity of supply.

We have been providing three-phase connectors to Australian and international customers for applications in: Airport and Ground Power; Emergency and Utilities Power; Existing Network Extensions; Event Power and Lighting; Generator Manufacture & Hire; Military Vehicles and Auxiliary Power; Mining; Railways and Heavy Transport; and, Shipboard and Dockside Power. We recommend and supply high-current and three-phase solutions from Phase 3, Marechal Electric, ITT Veam and Rauscher & Stoecklin.

For long-term durability, safety and flexibility our preferred option for three phase connections up to 800 Amps is Phase 3's innovative Powersafe range which is 100% intermate-able with the ITT Veam Powerlock series. Over and above the Powerlock connectors’ characteristics, the Powersafe option provides an increase in current-carrying capacity, surge-current rating, short-circuit rating, IP rating, strain relief, impact resistance and high-temperature resistance while reducing insertion force.

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