3 Phase Power Connectors

Three phase power connections are often subjected to punishing conditions in the field and in heavy industrial applications.

High-Current, 3 Phase Power Connectors

Three phase electric connections are often subjected to the punishing conditions in field and heavy industrial applications. Three-phase connections may be required in emergency or backup situations to restore power to major infrastructure or in temporary installations where the commercial success of a project is totally reliant on the integrity of the electrical connection.

We have been providing three-phase connectors to Australian and international customers for applications in: Airport and Ground Power; Emergency and Utilities Power; Existing Network Extensions; Event Power and Lighting; Generator Manufacture & Hire; Military Vehicles and Auxiliary Power; Mining; Railways and Heavy Transport; and, Shipboard and Dockside Power. We recommend and supply high-current and three-phase solutions from Phase 3, Marechal Electric, ITT Veam and Rauscher & Stoecklin.

For long-term durability, safety and flexibility our preferred option for three phase connections up to 800 Amps is Phase 3's innovative Powersafe range which is 100% intermate-able with the ITT Veam Powerlock series. Over and above the Powerlock connectors’ characteristics, the Powersafe option provides an increase in current-carrying capacity, surge-current rating, short-circuit rating, IP rating, strain relief, impact resistance and high-temperature resistance while reducing insertion force.

For more information on our complete range of high-current and industrial three-phase plugs and sockets select from the brands below or select a product category to browse our online catalogue.

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What is the difference between Single Phase Power and 3 Phase Power?

Residential homes are usually served by a single-phase power supply whereas three phase power is more commonly used in industrial or commercial settings.

Single phase power has just one live wire, while three phase power uses three active wires. Both supplies will also have a neutral wire and an earth wire in most cases.

With three live wires, three phase power supplies a more constant and reliable current which is able to accommodate higher loads such as large electric motors.

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