Prices & Ordering

Connector-Tech ALS aims to bring you the lowest prices and best lead times possible. We have a wide selection of products in stock and there is a vast range of other products that we have access to world wide.

The range is to huge to offer a complete price list, so for price and availability simply contact us via email, phone, fax or use our on-line quotation request form. Please advise quantities and how soon they are required, as this can greatly affect the price.

Also, we can provide you with a price list for all products that you regularly use – simply send us your product list, with approximate usage rates then we will send you back your price list which you can quickly refer to every time you need to order something.

Delivery Fees

When you request a quotation it is useful to advise the desired delivery address and urgency so that we can offer you an appropriate delivery fee when we quote. Alternatively you may nominate your own courier when you place an order.

How to place an order

Once we have replied to your request for quotation, you can place an order via email, phone, fax, post or in person. Please see our contact us page for contact details.

Payments can be made via EFT, credit card, cash, cheque (to pre-approved customers) or money order (provided the currency is in Australian Dollars). For making an EFT payment here are our bank details.

Bank Details

30 day credit accounts are also available to approved customers.
Please see our credit account application.

Download the application form

Scheduled Orders

You can schedule your orders to be delivered to you on specific dates up to a year ahead and may even break the order up into a number of partial shipments to be sent say once per month. (Useful for situations where product usage rates are predictable)

On Demand Orders

You can place an "on demand" order, whereby we hold buffer stock for you in our store then only ship and invoice goods as you need them. However at the end of an agreed period of time you must take the balance of the order. (Useful for on-going situations where product usage rates fluctuate)