Aircraft Ground Power Connectors

AN2551 Aircraft Connector

Connector-Tech ALS is the authorised Australian distributor for Aircraftplugs in Belgium which manufactures AN2551 plugs. These are typically used to connect power to Cessna and other aircraft from ground equipment.

These high-quality, European-made connectors have housings composed of high-impact polycarbonate and contacts made with sulphur copper rod HD147 which achieves a maximum continuous current capacity of 370 Amps in 28 Volt (DC) applications.


  • 3-pin NATO AN2551 standard plugs
  • Tough, corrosion-proof polycarbonate
  • Body screws together in minutes
  • Sleeves are solid copper, silver plated, with solenoid pin
  • Mate with AN2552-3A external power receptacles
  • Glass transition temperature of approximately 150°C
  • Average change in resistance after 100 dry cycles: < 2µΩ.
  • Maximum 1600 Amps based on the resistance (equates to <0.1V drop per contact)
  • Made in Belgium by Aircraftplugs
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Aircraftplugs AN2551 NATO 3-Way Connector 12/24/28VDC - Connector-Tech ALS
Aircraftplugs AN2551 NATO 3-Way Connector 12/24/28VDC
MPN : AN2551