Rail, Road & Sea Transport Connectors

From forklifts to freight trains, transport applications place unique demands on electrical connectors. Every component in the system must cope with abrasion, vibration, wide temperature ranges and elevated mating cycle figures. Our transport products include solutions from Anderson Power Products, elke Technik, PCE, Phase 3 and Rauscher & Stoecklin.

Our transport products have been selected for their reliability and toughness in use cases from forklift recharging to supplying dockside power to Australian Navy vessels.

Anderson Power Products is the benchmark for affordable, single- and multipole connectors which will withstand abuse in materials handling, backup power and data/telecommunications applications. Connector-Tech ALS is Australia’s largest independent stockist of Anderson Power Products, supplying manufacturers, repairers and retailers.

CEE series shipping container connectors provide 32 Amp, 4 way connections for refrigerated containers or any situation where external power is required. PCE container connectors are mechanically linked to prevent accidental disconnection and are sealed to achieve an IP67 rating – critical in salt-spray environments.

For heavy road transport applications, we recommend elke Technik and Maehler & Kaege products and the former’s VG96923 NATO connectors are now in use on heavy trailers across Australia. For railway electrification and mobile, high-current connections we provide Rauscher & Stoecklin plugs and receptacles. These Swiss-made connectors are IP67-rated for 200 to 400 Amps and 230 to 1000 Volts.

For more information on our solutions for the transport industry – including Phase 3's Powersafe high-current connectors – browse the manufacturers below or select from our relevant products.

Forklift, Truck, Train and Marine Transport Connectors

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