Marechal Electric Harsh-Environment Connectors

Marechal Connector

Marechal Electric products are designed to meet the most stringent requirement in the area of electrical connection (from 5 to 1000 A, 24 to 1000V, 1 to 37 contacts) in all types of industry.

Marechal Electric industrial plugs and socket-outlets use silver-butt contacts instead of brass pins and sleeves and an integral switching device allowing the user to make and break mixed resistive and inductive loads in complete safety.


  • Integral switching device
  • Closing on short circuit
  • High safety usage
  • Long term reliability
  • Heavy duty
  • Number of operations exceeding those stipulated in the standard
  • Excellent resistance to high temperatures
  • Significant overload tolerance
  • Compliance with the French decree on 1988
  • Compliance with European decrees
  • 24 positions to differentiate voltages

Marechal Industrial Applications Catalogue (17.3Mb)
Marechal Industrial Explosion Proof Catalogue (10.6Mb)
Marechal DN Decontactor Catalogue (3.6Mb)
Marechal DS Decontactor Catalogue (3.4Mb)
Marechal DSN Decontactor Catalogue (2.4Mb)
Marechal Multicontact Range Catalogue (1.0Mb)

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