Aptiv (Delphi) Connector Overview

Aptiv (formerly Delphi) employs leading edge manufacturing technologies and a comprehensive range of design services to produce high performance, cost-effective connection systems available either off-the-shelf or custom designed.

Metri-Pack Series

Metri-Pack Sealed Automotive Connectors

With an extended product range, Metri-Pack Connection Systems offer significant design and application versatility. Metri-Packs feature Terminal Position Assurance (TPA), Connector Position Assurance (CPA), serrated crimps and triple-rib peripheral seals. In addition, these field-proven systems provide exceptional performance, confirmed over many years on global applications.

  • Pass SAE J2030 Heavy-Duty Electrical Connector Standard (with silver interface platings)
  • Extended product range offers significant design and application versatility
  • Used in high current to low energy circuits for electrical versatility
  • Strength and stability of terminals helps assure correct alignment
  • Utilizes internationally standard male blade sizes for design flexibility
  • Connector Position Assurance (CPA) and Terminal Position Assurance (TPA) for superior connection reliability
  • Sealed version for excellent resistance to temperature, chemicals and abrasion
  • Testing to SAEJ2030

Aptive (Delphi) Metri-Pack Series Catalogue (4.4Mb)

Weather Pack

Delphi Weather-Pack Sealed Connectors

Weather Pack terminals utilize a flex-pin and lap-lock design to alleviate the problem of stress relaxation. They also have dual-locking tangs which lock into the connector cavity and help prevent backing out. Terminal plugging requires no orientation and positive indexing prevents mis-mating of connectors. Because Weather Pack provides exceptional sealing performance, it is extensively used in tough applications including construction, off-road and farm equipment.

  • Sealed system specifically designed to withstand exposure to extreme temperatures, chemicals and fluids
  • Pin and sleeve configuration to alleviate stress relaxation
  • Secondary lock and Connector Position Assurance (CPA) for improved system design
  • Dual-locking tangs on terminals help prevent backing out
  • Terminal plugging requires no orientation
  • Positive locking indexing prevents mis-mating of connectors
  • Low energy, low voltage capability for vehicle electronics

Aptiv (Delphi) Weather Pack Series Catalogue (0.4Mb)

GT Series


Delphi's GT Connectors feature tangless terminals and offer one of the lowest connector engage forces in the industry. Designed for both 1.50 and 2.80 mm blade width applications, GT achieves electrical performance that meets USCAR standards. Delphi's GT Connectors were developed with global customer input at every design phase and have a small package size suited to fit the shrinking space requirements of today's vehicles.

  • Tangless terminals for durable design
  • Low engage force for improved reliability and ergonomics
  • Pump-handle primary lock for lower engage and easy disassembly
  • Secondary lock, Connector Position Assurance (CPA) and Terminal Position Assurance (TPA) capabilities for improved system design
  • Mates to ISO, SAE blades for compatibility
  • Conforms to USCAR design footprint for broad application flexibility
  • Cam lever/mechanical assist for hand engage/disengage
  • Optimized content packaging for electrical performance equal to less space efficient terminations
  • Pre-staged male blade stabilizer for superior male blade protection
  • Mixed terminal capability for design flexibility
  • Protected seal interface for superior connection reliability

Aptiv (Delphi) GT Series Catalogue (1.4Mb)

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