Clarification of Deutsch Industrial Connector ip Ratings

Clarification of Deutsch Industrial Connector IP Ratings

Deutsch IP Ratings Explained

We often receive enquires from customers regarding the IP ratings for Deutsch Industrial connectors. Most of you will be familiar with the IP 67 rating for Ingress Protection but which Deutsch connectors meet this standard?

IP 67

Deutsch Industrial does not publish an IP rating for its connectors, however they do state that they have a three foot submersion rating which is very close to the submersion criteria for IP 67.

IP Rating is a classification of the degree of protection provided by electrical enclosures established by the European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization (CENELEC). The IEC 60529 standard rates the enclosure's resistance against the intrusion of solid objects (fingers, tools or wires), dust and water.

The '7' in IP 67 means that the connector must be protected from the effects of a temporary submersion from 0.15 to 1.00m. Deutsch connectors are rated for three feet submersion, which is just 0.09m short of the 1.00m upper limit of that characteristic. The '6' in IP 67 denotes a connector which is sealed from fine dust and the Deutsch range satisfies that criterion also.


Selected connectors within the Deutsch Industrial DT, DTM, DRC, and DRB ranges have passed the IP 6K9K test.

IP 6K9K is a rating from the German Institute for Standardization (DIN) and extends the IEC 50629 classifications to include an assessment of the connector's resistance to the ingress of high-pressure and high-temperature water treatments. For this reason, the IP 6K9K rating from DIN 40050 is commonly known as the 'pressure washing' specification.

In the '9K' test the connector is rotated at 5rpm and sprayed with 80°C water at a pressure of 1450psi for a period of 30 seconds at four angles of inclination across a 90° range. The connector must remain watertight for the duration of this test to ensure it will withstand steam cleaning and pressure washing. The '6K' component of the designation signifies a dust-tight connector verified by testing the part in a blown dust chamber.

Page 150 of the full Deutsch Industrial catalogue contains a summary of the information listed above as well as information on RoHS and other standards relevant to these series.