Connector Selection/Identification

Connector Selection & Identification

Connector selection can be very complex, and often it is best to talk directly with our expert staff when designing in a new connector or trying to identify a connector that you already have.


Here is a list of the most common information that might help us select the right connector for you. (These specifications may not all be relevant to your particular application).

For new designs:

  • Our products overview page has pictures and basic specifications all on one simple page
  • If you need to be compatible with a specific connector type please advise type
  • If you have a manufacturer preference please advise manufacturer
  • Current and voltage requirements
  • Total contacts per connector
  • Type of contact material (gold plate etc)
  • Crimp, solder or screw contacts
  • Which half to have male contacts and which to have female contacts
  • Does the cable have just one round outer sheath
  • Cable outside diameter
  • Cable conductor size
  • Panel mount or cable mount connector body styles
  • IP rating (degree of waterproofing) - see our IP Ratings chart
  • Backshell type (straight/right angle, gland-seal, shield terminating etc)
  • Shell material and finish (metal, plastic or composite bodies, cadmium or nickel plate etc)
  • Dimension restrictions
  • How soon are the connectors required?
  • Which is more important - low cost or high quality?
  • Quantity required.

For identifying a connector that you already have:

  • A quick scan of the pictures on our products overview page may help you identify the series
  • All alphanumeric characters written on your connector (including between the pins)
  • Manufacturer
  • Total number of contacts per connector
  • Male or female contacts
  • Gold, nickel or other contact plating
  • Crimp, solder or screw contacts
  • Panel mount or cable mount
  • Colour
  • Metal or plastic shell
  • Dimensions

Please contact us and our experienced staff will find the right product for your application.