MIL-DTL-26482 Series II Crimp Coding Explained

Part Number Explanation: MIL-DTL-26482 Series II Crimp


Below are the explanations for each or the coloured sections of the above part number.

Shell Type

Code Description Available Class
MS3440 Hermetic Seal Box Mount Receptacle H
MS3442 Wide Flange Hermetic Seal Box Mount Receptacle H
MS3443 Hermetic Seal Solder Mount Receptacle HE
MS3449 Hermetic Seal Jam Nut Receptacle H
MS3470 Wall Mount Receptacle A,L,S,W
MS3471 Inline Receptacle A,L,S,W
MS3472 Wide Flange Wall Mount Recepatacle A,L,S,W
MS3473 Hermetic Seal Solder Mount Recepatacle N*
MS3474 Jam Nut Recepatacle A,L,S,W
MS3475 Straight Plug (RFI Grounding) L,S,W
MS3476 Straight Plug A,L,S,W
MS3477 Hermetic Seal Box Mount Receptacle N*
MS3479 Hermetic Seal Ham Nut Receptacle N*
*Class N are crimp termination


Class Code Description Material Finish
A* General duty, threaded backshell Aluminium Cadmium, olive drab, 96 hour salt spray
E Environmental Aluminium Electroless nickel
H Hermetic See Hermetic Termination Type below
L Environmental, fluid resistant Aluminium Electroless nickel
N Hermetic, crimp removable contacts Steel Tinned
S Environmental Stainless steel Electro deposited nickel
W Environmental Aluminium Cadmium, olive drab, 500 hour salt spray

Shell Size & Contact Arrangement

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This information is designated by a code that is molded into the front of the rubber/plastic inserts.
This code is important as the shell size and the contact layout may be identical but the contact size may differ.

Hermetic Termination Type

Code Termination Type Material Finish
A Solder cup, stainless steel shell Passivated
B Eyelet, stainless steel shell Passivated
C Solder cup, ferrous alloy shell Tinned
Y Eyelet, ferrous alloy shell Tinned
- All other types

Contact Style

A Less pin contacts
B Less socket contacts
P Pin contacts
S Socket contacts
Note All shell types (receptacles and plugs) are available with either pin or socket contacts.


Blank No rotation
W View rotation angle (varies by insert)
X View rotation angle (varies by insert)
Y View rotation angle (varies by insert)
Z View rotation angle (varies by insert)