Anderson Single Pole (PP) Connectors

Anderson PP Connectors

The Anderson connector was originally designed by Anderson Power Products and although there are now numerous copies available, none have the same performance or longevity as the original. This genderless connection system provides a simple, low-cost solution for power interconnection which has become an industry standard for items such as forklift batteries, backup power and telecommunications.

Within the Anderson Power Products range, there are solutions for various current requirements ranging from 10 to 700 Amps.

Modular Singlepole Anderson Powerpole (PP) Features

  • Low cost, highly reliable design
  • 10 to 180 Amps
  • 600 Volts AC/DC
  • #20AWG to #1/0 AWG
  • Genderless connectors for simplicity
  • Stack-able modular system allows multi-pole blocks to be built up from a number of single-pole connectors / plugs
  • Colour coded for easy identification
  • Mechanical keying available
  • First-make last-break contacts available
  • Low-detent for low insertion/withdrawal force applications
  • All contacts can be either crimped or soldered
Anderson Power Products PP Single-pole Catalogue (1.6Mb)

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