ITT Cannon APD Connectors

Cannon APD plugs have an extremely high IP rating of IP69K and their ability to withstand high shock and vibration, these tough plastic connectors are very popular in situations such as the transportation industry and the food and beverage industry.


  • Rated at IP69K which means protection against a high-pressure jet-stream (1160 to 1450 psi) as well as making them totally protected against the ingress of dust
  • Operating temperature range is -40°C to 140°. Capable of steam jet wash-downs, high liquid temperature (80°C) and close nozzle distances (100 mm to 150 mm) providing excellent engine steam cleaning protection
  • They are designed to withstand high shock and vibration and are resistant to brake and transmission fluids along with oils, greases, salt, dirt and mud
  • A three-point bayonet coupling system with an audible and tactile feedback ensures they are mated properly even in areas of low visibility or awkward position
  • The Cannon APD series is available in single, dual, 3 or 4 contacts with a maximum current rating of 30A and 6 or 7 way with 16A contacts
  • Colour coded versions, with unique polarization for each colour, are available to avoid miss-mating in areas where multiple connectors must be used
  • The Cannon APD’s will maintain their integrity in the roughest environments
  • Excellent for transportation applications such as braking systems, power distribution, battery links, Sensor applications, lighting and gear and power steering controls
  • Perfect for the food and beverage processing industry where high pressure wash-downs at high temperatures are required


ITT Cannon APD Catalogue (1.8Mb)

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