Other Military Backshell Options

Heat-shrink Boot 219-2B7W1

There is a large range of specialised military backshells to suit most military connectors that do not appear in the MIL-DTL-85049 (M85049) series.

These specialized versions include various options such as:

  • Made from composite (non-metallic) material for low corrosion and low weight
  • Extra options for plating/finish (for better durability etc)
  • Extra EMI/RFI and shield termination options
  • Extra self-seating (anti-vibration) and spin coupling options
  • Extra gland seal and cable clamp styles
  • Extra cable entry sizes
  • User specified backshell length
  • Specialized backshells for MIL-C-5015 Solder and Mil-C-26482 Series I connectors
  • Custom made options and more

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Heat-shrink Boots, Shapes, Tubing and Adaptors

Heat-shrink boots and adaptors are a popular solution for achieving a high degree of environmental protection. We supply a wide variety of these products from Glenair, Raychem and commerical-grade solutions from Korea.

Heat-shrink Part Number Cross Reference (0.3Mb)
Glenair Heat-shrink Boots and Adaptors (4.7Mb)
Raychem Heat-shrink Products (7.5Mb)

Military Tooling

Daniels Manufacturing Corporation (DMC) tooling is known for its outstanding quality. We can supply all of the Daniels Military crimp, insertion and extraction tooling, wrenches and more.

Daniels Manufacturing Corporation Tooling Catalogue (8.2Mb)

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