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Phase 3 Powersafe Rotalock Connectors

Phase 3 Rotalock Powersafe

Versions of the Phase 3 Powersafe connectors with the Rotalock option are now available from Connector-Tech ALS. The traditional method of uncoupling Powersafe connectors requires a separate unlocking key to push the spring loaded locking pin out of its recess, thereby allowing the connectors to be uncoupled. With the Rotalock versions, uncoupling is achieved by simply rotating a coupling ring. When rotated the coupling ring moves in a lateral plane to disengage the locking pin.

In this way no separate tools are required for uncoupling. The Rotalock can also be locked in the open position by turning two screws on the side of the ring; locking it in the open position. When this method is used a tool - such as a screwdriver - will be required to uncouple the connectors.

Phase 3 Powersafe Rotalock connectors are not available as an add-on. They must be ordered as a specific version of the connector which contains additional grooves that enable the Rotalock mechanism to function.

Phase 3 Powersafe Rotalock Connectors (0.1Mb)

Phase 3 Powersafe 122 Breakout Lead and TX Splitter Unit

Phase 3 Splitter Lead

122 Breakout Lead
A simple and reliable option for sub-distribution, the 122 lead is named for its configuration: 1 cable, 2 split-out to 2 cable tails. The example pictured here shows an 800 Amp Line Drain Powersafe connector split into 2 X 500 Amp Line Source Powersafe connectors (Maximum total combined output is 800 Amps).

To provide strain relief and water ingress protection the cables (crimp terminated to the inlet connector) are sealed with adhesive-lined, heat shrink moulding. Customers can specify a custom length for the Breakout Lead should an application require a change to the standard length of 500mm.

X Splitter Unit

In addition to the 122 Breakout Lead, Connector-Tech ALS also offers the TX Splitter Unit. The outer housing is machined from non-conductive material to provide an impact-resistant enclosure. Two configuration options are available using Powersafe connectors with a rating of up to 800 Amps: 1 x input, 2 x output; or 1 x input, 3 x output. With an IP67 rating when mated the TX Unit is suitable for outdoor use.

Phase 3 Powersafe 122 Breakout Lead (0.1Mb)
Phase 3 Powersafe Splitter Box (0.2Mb)

Phase 3 Powersafe Network Connection Devices

Connector-Tech ALS is able to supply all of the power network connection devices available from Phase 3.

  • G-Clamps
  • Dual G-Clamps
  • Horizontal Clamps
  • Rotary "Fred" Clamps
  • Fuse Blade Clamps
  • Overhead Line Clamps
  • T-pieces and Splitter boxes
  • Underground Cable Connectors
  • Fuse Holders
  • Lug Converters
Phase 3 G Clamp

All of these devices are rated at 800 Amps except for the dual G-clamp which is rated to 1600 Amps and the overhead line clamp which is limited to the current rating of the cable (maximum 120mm2).

Phase 3 Powersafe Network Connection Devices (1.0Mb)

Phase 3 CABCON Cable Lug Joiners

Phase 3 CABCON Cable Joiner

This device provides a simple and cost-effective method for joining two cable ends fitted with standard crimp lugs. A bus bar is retained within a threaded section and the lugs are connected to this bar with two bolts. The housings and glands create a watertight seal once assembled.

The housings are manufactured from high-impact, high dielectric insulation material for user safety and long life and can be colour-coded for ease of identification. Cable CSA of up to 300mm2 can be fitted to the re-useable CABCON cable lug joiners. The latest version comes with two grommets.

Part Numbering System:
CAB001-XX* for 95mm2 to 300mm2
*where XX = L1, L2, L3, N or GR

Phase 3 CABCON Cable Joiners (0.1Mb)

Phase 3 Powersafe Custom Cable Assemblies

Connector-Tech ALS is now able to supply customers with completed cable assemblies incorporating Powersafe connectors made by Phase 3:

  • High-current cable assemblies using the Phase 3 Powersafe range
  • Up to 800 Amps
  • Various conductor sizes available
  • Made to your required lengths
  • Can install eyelets and various other lugs on one end if required
  • Orange outer sheath is standard but black available on request

Please Contact Us for more information on cable harness options.

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When ordering a connector it is not always as simple matter of determining between 'male' and 'female' because this can refer to both the housing gender and the contact gender. Many manufacturers offer a given housing gender with both pin and socket. A common example of such confusion occurs in the Deutsch Industrial DT range, where the plug (or male connector) actually contains socket (or female) contacts. For this reason please specify both the contact and housing gender at the time of order.

The IP Rating of a connector or accessory relates to the degree of ingress protection provided by that component. The first digit of the code relates to the degree of protection against access to hazardous parts (conductors etc) and against solid foreign objects. The second digit refers to the degree of protection against the ingress of water. For two examples of this system, consider the most commonly seen IP ratings in our products: IP44 and IP67. IP44 4: Protection from solid objects ≤1mm | 4: Protection against splashing water IP67 6: Protection from dust-sized objects | 7: Protection against immersion in water at depth of 1m for 30mins A complete guide to all IP Ratings is available here.

These terms are used by Phase 3 and ITT Veam on their high-current connectors.The source is considered the half of the connection from which the power is sourced; or the half supplying the electrical power. In an emergency power application, the generator is the source and would be fitted with Panel Source (panel-mount) connectors, a Panel Source Powersafe Box, or Line Source (inline) connectors on pigtails. The drain is the half of the connection which drains the power from the source. In the same emergency power application described above, the network receiving the emergency power supply is the drain and would be fitted with Line Drain connectors, Panel Drain connectors or a Panel Drain Powersafe Box.

We commonly deal with both American Wire Gauge (AWG) and square millimetre (mm2) dimensions as the units used by manufacturers can vary. To convert between measurements please refer this conversion chart.