Phase 3 Powersafe / Powerlock Cables

Phase 3 Powersafe Powerlock Cables

Connector-Tech ALS provides complete power cables terminated with Phase 3 Powersafe connectors ready for installation in power generator or busbar applications using Powerlock-type connectors. A Powerlock-type connectors include the ITT Veam Powerlock series and the higher-rated Phase 3 Powersafe high-current connectors.

High-Quality Cable

Every custom lead or harness we produce uses class-leading materials to ensure the best possible solution: cable length, conductor material, jacket material and even mixed-material contact options are able to be specified. We are proud to offer our customers a complete range of H07 options from:

  • LAPP Ölflex®
  • Nexans TITANEX®
  • Tricab LSFLEX®

Correct Termination

Every Powersafe cable we produce is terminated and assembled by qualified personnel to all relevant standards and Phase 3 specifications.

Tailored to Your Application

As the Australian Distributor for Phase 3, Connector-Tech ALS can offer the complete range of Powersafe products beyond line connectors and lugs. Our options include:

  • Breakout leads
  • Overhead Line Clamps
  • G-clamps
  • Fred Clamps
  • Lug Convertors
  • Fuse Holders




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From a simple one metre Powerlock generator tail to a complex breakout harness with network connection devices, Connector-Tech ALS will work to your requirements to deliver a complete solution. Alternatively, we can work from your completed drawings and specifications. Get in touch to discuss your requirements here.

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