Phase 3 Powersafe Connectors

Phase 3 Powersafe Connectors

Connectors and Sequential Mating Boxes from Phase 3 are the industry standard for making connections to single phase and three phase generators plus numerous other equipment requiring connectors with current ratings up to 800 Amps each.

Connector-Tech ALS can supply both Phase 3 and Veam, however, we consider the Phase 3 version to be of superior quality as well as being more cost effective. Phase 3 connectors have been created by the same principal designer of the Veam Powerlock series who made a significant number of design improvements including higher current, temperature and IP ratings. The Phase 3 versions have been tested by an independent laboratory (ERA UK). Full ERA test reports are available upon request.

Advantages of Phase 3 PowerSafe

  • Increased current-carrying capacity (up to 25%): 500/800 Amp (PowerSafe) compared with 400/660 Amp (Veam)
  • Increased surge-current rating
  • Increased short-circuit rating
  • Increased ingress protection rating
  • Reduced insertion force
  • Improved cable strain relief
  • Improved impact resistance
  • High-temperature resistant materials
  • Panel-mount connector mounting plates
  • Rubber hand grips as standard for ease of coupling and added impact protection
  • Rubber protective caps to protect connectors from moisture, dirt and abrasion when uncoupled (optional)
  • RoHS compliant

100% Compatible with ITT Veam PowerLock
Compatibility is guaranteed by Phase 3 between their Powersafe products and Veam Powerlock products. PowerSafe was designed by principal members of the original Veam engineering design team, who had developed this format of connector, and have been integrally linked with the subsequent development of these types of products over the last decade. The PowerSafe design is guaranteed to be 100% inter-mateable with Veam, while the redesign of the active contact element and material compositions has up-rated the current-carrying capacity and the short-circuit ratings of the connector.

Made in the UK
Phase 3 products are manufactured to the highest-possible standards and the quality of both the individual connectors and the PowerSafe Box exceeds that of similar items from all other manufacturers.

In Stock in Australia
To ensure the quick availability of the PowerSafe range to our customers, Connector-Tech ALS maintains inventory depth, in Australia, of all popular Phase 3 products including individual connectors, boxes and popular contact options.


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