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Military Specification ('mil-spec') connectors are an evolution of those developed by the United States Department of Defence prior to WWII for use in aerospace and military equipment applications. These designs set the standard and were quickly adopted around the world for situations where a rugged, serviceable circular connector was required.

The early designation AN (Army-Navy) came to be replaced by Military Standard and is now referred to as Military Specification, 'mil-spec' or 'MS'. Connector-Tech ALS specialises in military specification connectors for use in a diverse range of applications spanning the aerospace, industrial, marine, motorsport and enthusiast industries.

Connector-Tech ALS is proud to offer military-specification connectors that suit every application from aerospace to motorsport. For use in defence, aerospace, avionic or life-critical applications our customers can select from multiple Qualified Products List (QPL) approved options:

To browse the products in our range of military specification connectors select from the options below. Our Sales Technicians are able to assist with a vast array of military specification products, including series not listed below, so please Contact Us with any requirement you may have.

For assistance in visual identification of a military product please consult our Military Specification Visual Connector Identification page.

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