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Common Deutsch DT Plug Kits

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Part No. Series Current Rating Contact Size Housing Colour
DT2 DT 13A 1.0-2.0mm2 Grey
DT3 DT 13A 1.0-2.0mm2 Grey
DT4 DT 13A 1.0-2.0mm2 Grey
DT6 DT 13A 1.0-2.0mm2 Grey
DT8 DT 13A 1.0-2.0mm2 Grey
DT12 DT 13A 1.0-2.0mm2 Grey
DT2K DT-CAT SPEC 13A 1.0-2.0mm2 Black
DT3K DT-CAT SPEC 13A 1.0-2.0mm2 Black
DT4K DT-CAT SPEC 13A 1.0-2.0mm2 Black
DT6K DT-CAT SPEC 13A 1.0-2.0mm2 Black
DT8K DT-CAT SPEC 13A 1.0-2.0mm2 Black
DT12K DT-CAT SPEC 13A 1.0-2.0mm2 Black
DTM2 DTM 7.5A 0.5-1.0mm2 Grey
DTM3 DTM 7.5A 0.5-1.0mm2 Grey
DTM4 DTM 7.5A 0.5-1.0mm2 Grey
DTM6 DTM 7.5A 0.5-1.0mm2 Grey
DTM8 DTM 7.5A 0.5-1.0mm2 Grey
DTM12 DTM 7.5A 0.5-1.0mm2 Grey

Deutsch DT Technical Info

The Deutsch DT Series of environmentally-sealed connectors are designed specifically for cable to cable applications where even a small degradation in connection may be critical, the Deutsch DT Series general purpose connectors help provide reliability and performance at the lowest cost.

Thermoplastic (-55°C to +125°C rated) housings and silicone seals are used, allowing the connector to withstand conditions of extreme temperature and moisture. The connector will accept either solid-copper crimp type contacts for critical circuits or budget-minded stamped and formed contacts.

Applications for the Deutsch DT series include automotive (chassis, cabin, engine bay, driveline, interior, aftermarket accessories, carvans, 4X4), Marine, Harsh Environment & Heavy Equipment.


  • Integral connector latch
  • Rugged thermoplastic housing
  • -55°C to +125°C operating temperature
  • Available in 2, 3, 4, 6, 8 & 12 sizes
  • Silicone seals
  • Accepts AWG 20 through 14 wire (0.5mm2 to 2.0mm2)
  • Crimp contacts with option of gold or nickel, solid or stamped
  • Current rating: 13 Amps all contacts
  • Hand insertable/removable contacts
  • 1500V, 20G @ 10 to 2000 Hz
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